Equinox supplements for Horses & Dogs

EQUINOX Respiratory Formula

Equinox Respiratory contains :-

No FEI Banned Substances
No molasses
No preservatives
No Soya or GM
No Alfalfa
No binders or fillers
No waste by product ingredients
No wheat feed or Oat feed
No ingredients of animal origin

100% higher fatty acid ethyl esters of a high content of essential fatty acids:

Omega-3 (56% vol.)
Omega-6 (20% vol.)
Omega-9 (24% vol.)

Recommended daily serving:

First 25 days: It is recommended to start with a small amount, and increase it gradually:

- 5 days - 20 ml/day/horse of 550kg body weight
- 10 days - 40 ml/day/horse of 550kg body weight
- 10-12 days - 80-100 ml/day/ horse of 550kg body weight.

1 months course is recommended, followed by maintenance daily serving as required.